Sunday, September 23, 2012


Haven't posted in a while because of my busy schedule.  And I also just realized that my other blog is no more. *tear* Probably because the email associated with is it never used.  Whatever the reason, I'm kind of sad because I spent some hours on that blog.  Oh well, I guess I'll just have to revamp this one.  Not yet.  Maybe soon. We'll see.

Anyway, I'm back in LA for about 10 days and I already have a hankering for new shoes.  I really want a new pair of sneakers.  I should probably stop browsing online.

Serafini Manhattan Limited Edition Studded Wedge Sneakers

Serafini Manhattan Fluoro Wedge Sneakers

Ash Cool Wedge Sneakers

Serafini Manhattan Limited Edition Fringe Wedge Sneakers
I think these are too trendy for me but I love sneakers and new sneakers are even better!  I haven't decided whether I should take the plunge just yet.  These are perfect for all the walking I do - comfy yet stylish.  The Ash ones are probably the most "practical" and most wearable. The Fringe ones are my fave but my size is sold out. But the ultimate dream pair and the sneakers that probably started the wedge sneaker trend (and is also sold out almost everywhere) are these:

Isabel Marant Bekett Leather & Suede Sneakers

Images from Shopbop and Net-A-Porter.