Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Decisions, decisions...

When I was in nursing school, all we heard was "It's great to be a nurse because there's so much you can do (career-wise)".  And it's really true.  You can do bedside nursing, outpatient nursing, home health, clinical office, research, etc.  Or you can go my route and go for your master's and become a nurse practitioner.  Nursing school prepared me for a lot of things - what to do in an emergency, how to take care of sick people and basically being able to think on your feet.  It did not prepare me, however, to make life decisions.

Sure, I'm in my early thirties (yikes!) and should be able to make these kinds of decisions but it's still so scary and it still shakes me to my core.  Somehow making the decision to switch to nursing and move to New York feels like an easier decision than the one I am faced with.  I always say how much I hate New York and that I can't wait to move back to California.  It should be an easy decision to just move back but somehow it's not.  I am scared about the job prospects in California.  I would only move back pending a great job offer.  BUT, does that mean I shouldn't apply to jobs here in New York?  Does that mean I should just wait it out?

All these questions are making me ill.  My stomach is in knots.  Why is it so hard to be a grown-up?  Maybe I should focus on studying for my boards instead of being distracted by life choices.