Sunday, November 16, 2014

New Job

I have been at my new job for almost two months now.  Specialty Coordinator is my official title.  If someone asked me what I actually do, I couldn't even begin to describe it.  Is that weird?  I work with a surgeon.  She's pretty intimidating but she's great at what she does.  People always ask me if I like my new job.  To be honest, I can't really tell.  Some days, I'm extremely busy absolutely no time to even eat or pee. And other days, I'm super bored with nothing to do.

The great perk about this job is that the hospital qualifies me to apply for the loan repayment program.  Granted, of course, that I stay for two years.  If I actually get approved for the loan repayment, it just might be worth it for me to keep this job.  Who knows, in two years, I just might learn to love it.

Do you like your job?  XOXO