Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Asia Trip 2013

This past May, I went to Asia - Hong Kong and Philippines - with my friend JB.  It was her first time out of the US and I forgot how it happened that we decided to take a trip to Asia.  We had a jam-packed itinerary and at the end of the trip we totaled 9 plane rides and 8 boat rides.  Pretty crazy for a 2.5 week trip.

Hong Kong - we met up with my brother for 3 days in Hong Kong.  We didn't get to do much because we were jet-lagged and the weather was kinda crappy.  I did get to take the two HK newbs to see the bronze Buddha and JB and I got to have dinner at Michelin-rated Spoons and have breakfast at the Mandarin Oriental lobby.

Then we flew to Manila for 2 nights.  While in Manila, we met up with my aunt and cousins.  They took us to Intramuros for a historical tour.  It was hella hot but the tour was very informative.

Next stop was Puerto Princesa, Palawan where we spent 2 nights.  We got to visit the Underground River and we also did the firefly tour, mangrove tour and ziplined on Sabang beach.  Such an exhausting 3 days but definitely worth it.

After that leg, we spent a night in Manila to rest because next up was Iloilo - the last leg of our Asia trip.  I have family in Iloilo so we didn't have to spend money on accommodations but we did get shuffled around quite a bit.

This leg of the trip was just as jam-packed.  Although technically we were in Iloilo for about a week and a half, we packed in a day breaking a world record, a weekend away for a high school reunion and 5 days in Boracay.
Flying Lanterns
Pub Crawl
Exhausting as it was, we had such a great time.  It was nice to see old friends and spend time with my family.  I also had a blast showing off the Philippines to JB.  Til 2016...