Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cameo Bar (part douche, er i mean deux) ...10/04/08

Another Saturday night to kill some time and down some drinks. This time, JJ and I decided to see how Cameo Bar is on a Saturday. The last time we went was on a Friday night and we had fun.

This time, it was ok. The drinks were ok. I ordered the Elvis truffles that were a little bit better than ok. The vibe is definitely alive.

Cameo Bar definitely has a diverse range of people. You've got your "trying-to-be-cool-but still-not" crowd, the yuppies, the cougars, and the douchebags. It seems that Cameo Bar has four types of guys: the ones that will check you out from afar but will not talk to you, the ones that are immature and call out comments as you pass by, the ones you DON'T want to talk to under any circumstances and the quirky/funny/charming ones that will try to pawn you off to their "single" friends. I honestly can't decide which is worse! That said, I'll still probably be back because it's fun to watch people interact. JJ and I also have a grand time just making fun of people and trust me, there's plenty to make fun of.

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