Monday, March 30, 2009

True Blood Season 1

Last year, I was bummed when CBS canceled Moonlight. It was a fairly entertaining show about vampires in contemporary society. For someone who is enamored with vampire mythology, I enjoyed it. News of its cancellation was a little bit disappointing because I couldn't get my vampire fix.

Then I got wind of HBO's True Blood. I was intrigued since HBO has a great track record for shows it has produced in the past. Still, I had the stigma of the recent cancellation of Moonlight. In addition, the marketing campaigns of True Blood seemed to be riding on the Twilight wave. I have been very vocal about how much I disliked the Twilight series so I was a little apprehensive about True Blood. Regardless, I called my cable company and added HBO just for True Blood. I set my DVR to record the season and I finally watched it this past weekend (a little late, I know).

All I can say is, "Why did I wait so long to finally watch this show?" I've never read the series it was based on and now I'm itching to go out and buy everything remotely related to True Blood. I LOVE this show. Not only does it provide eye candy for its viewers but it also captures the complexities of small town politics and prejudice pertaining to sexuality, religion and race/specie. I love the fact that it is the arrival of the vampire that is the catalyst for exposing the townsfolk's true nature. I also liked the fact that the writers stayed true to the dark and mystical side of the vampire (not with glittering diamond skin as in Twilight - YUCK).

Definitely looking forward to Season 2!

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