Friday, January 15, 2010

Vacation Time...ETA 17 days

No, that's not where I'm headed (although I wouldn't mind)...but in 17 days, I will be going on a long vacation...the longest vacation I've ever been on - one entire month!!!  Albeit, a short month but a month nonetheless.

I'm going to the Philippines to visit friends and relatives and I'm hoping to squeeze in 3 beach trips while I'm there.  It's so hard to make any plans when I'm not there physically to contact all these people and it's even harder when they don't respond to emails or FB posts!!!  I hope my brother has some success though.  I'm trying to get my itinerary straight so I can pack appropriately.

Can you tell how excited I am?  The last time I was in the Philippines was in 2007.  Although I had a lot of fun, it was also extremely hectic because I was there for a short time (12 days) and prep for my cousin's wedding took most of my time.  This time, I have more time to hang out and relax.  Can't hardly wait...

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