Thursday, December 25, 2014

Recap of 2014

Time goes by so fast, sometimes it takes some quiet time to think about the past year to even remember most of that has happened.  I'm a fan of lists so I thought I'd sum up my year with a few lists.

1. Finishing school and graduating with a Master's degree.
2. Traveling to Croatia and Istanbul with a crazy friend who made it extra fun
3. Starting a new career (still undecided if this should be here)

Best investment: (it's really a toss-up)
1. Trip to Croatia and Istanbul
2. Classpass

Biggest expense: Trip to Croatia and Istanbul

Trips I took: (in order)
1. Puerto Rico with my brothers
2. Costa Rica with my girlfriends
3. Anaheim for ONS Congress
4. Los Angeles for my cousin's wedding
5. Croatia and Istanbul with crazy Jen B.
6. Los Angeles for Christmas

Now let's see if I can break up the highlight reel by month.

January - trip to Puerto Rico with my brothers
February - degree conferral
March - trip to Costa Rica
April - took and passed the boards, yay!
May - ONS Congress in Anaheim, with a side trip to San Diego; Graduation, YAY!
June - Mimi's wedding
July - renewed my passport; discovered hot yoga at Modo (thanks Sam!)
August - Mount sinai paperwork; shadowed Chelsie at the end of the month
September - lots happened this month. Started of the month traipsing around Croatia and ended the trip in Istanbul. Came back to the US to finish my last two days with NYP (sad).  Started a new job at Mount Sinai a day later.  I'm exhausted just thinking about all that happened this month.
October - birthday month! Yay! Also started using class pass more this month.
November - getting hammered at work; tried anti-gravity yoga for the first time
December - still getting hammered at work; discovered my love for boxing; about to surprise my mom for Christmas (I'm her present!!)

With a few more days left in 2014, I have less than a week to make more memories!!

Take care world.  And Happy holidays!!


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