Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 in Retrospect

It's a few days away from 2009. It's really weird how time flies these days. I remember the good old days when an hour felt like a lifetime.

As I reflect back on the year that was 2008, the first thing that pops to mind is the election of Obama (and the end of the Bush era). That was probably the single most defining moment of 2008. A new President...time for change.

Although 2008 is marred by a landscape of economic doom and gloom, this was the best time for us to reflect on what REALLY is most important in life - our family and friends. The American dream, paper chasing and what not gets old really quick but if we have love in our hearts and are passionate about our beliefs, we should not be so easily discouraged by the current economic crisis. As the old saying goes "Everything happens for a reason." Perhaps humanity has been so consumed with greed that we needed this economic crisis as a wake up call. Perhaps we have all been to selfish in pursuing our own dreams at the expense of others that we needed a reality check. Whatever that reason is, it will help us reassess our lives and hopefully we are all living lives that we are proud of. Lives filled with integrity and rich with love. As cheesy as that sounds, that's what we all need at the moment. At the core of it, we really don't need flashy cars or huge mansions or top-of-the-line this or that. Unfortunately, we live in a capitalistic society that fosters that sort of attitude. Hopefully, with this economic crisis in our midst, we take stock of what is meaningful and our lives an hopefully we realize that material goods will ALWAYS be replaced with more material goods and this is what drives us all into DEBT. Debt that is continually rising, debt that might never go away.

As we say good bye to a bleak 2008, let us keep our hopes up for a better 2009. If not a better economy, then definitely a more positive outlook on life and everything it brings our way.

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