Friday, December 19, 2008


Location: Century City, CA
Food: 4/5
Drinks: N/A - I had iced tea and a latte since I was working
Service: 5/5
Ambiance: Modern and minimalist but with a touch of elegance
Price: $$$$
Overall: 4/5 and would definitely come back for more!

Last Friday, JG took me out to lunch as her Christmas present (best idea EVER) and being a fan of Top Chef (and of course Tom Colicchio) herself she chose Craft. I was a little apprehensive (as I tend to be) because I knew that it's a little pricey. She didn't quite mind and I was happy to try out a new spot (new to me).

We met at my office and walked about half a block to get to Craft. We were walking behind two older gentlemen who thought it was funny to ask us if we were following them into Craft. We both just kinda stared at them and that might have scared them off, haha. In retrospect, I guess we did look out of place since almost everyone there (it was packed for a Friday lunch in this economically difficult time) was either older (35 and up) or in a suit.

JG and I were seated towards the back of the restaurant so we had a great view of the restaurant's layout. It has a pretty open floorplan which is conducive to people-watching. Anyway, on to the food. I always look at a restaurant's menu before I go so I know what to expect and anticipate what to order. When we got there, JG and I went back and forth on what to order. I had my heart set on trying the Japanese Hamachi w/ Grapefruit and she really wanted the scallops. We got both of those and since I eat red meat, JG ordered the Prix Fix Lunch with hangar steak for me. We decided to share so we get to try a little bit of everything.

The hamachi was absolutely heavenly. I thought it had the right amount of salt and acid although JG thought it was too acidic for her. Needless to say, I finished her portion. The scallops were absolutely divine although I only had one. Since JG doesn't eat red meat, I decided to just give her the scallops and I could have the steak. The steak was a little bit off for me. It was perfectly cooked but I didn't like it paired with the short rib broth. I still finished it though, haha. We also ordered souffle for dessert and the fixed menu came with a trio of ice creams. The souffle was a little to rich for me (I like my souffles fluffy and light) but JG loved it. The ice creams were ok.

Overall, I was satisfied and I definitely would love to come back and try a few more things on the menu (specifically the pork belly curry and the assorted mushroom side).

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MadsaboutU said...

Oh we have to try out the Gordon Ramsay when I get back, I think I already mentioned We went to Lure in Soho, NY and the food was amazing! I remembered the Hamachi's from our lunch and ordered the carpaccio hamachi for an appetizer and it was so yum. Anyhow, Ghette flaked so I didn't get to call you that day. I am eating so much everyday here it's crazy.