Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mac N Cheese

Holiday season is here and it means it's time for my Mac N Cheese.  It's not really mine, it's actually Martha Stewart's.  But ever since I made it for my family a few years ago they've begged me to make it every year for our Holiday Get Together.

This year, I'm tweaking the recipe a little bit.  Those who know me know of my mild obsession with bacon.  As health-conscious as I am, bacon is one of the few indulgence I allow myself.  Bacon makes everything better.  This year, I am adding bacon to Martha's recipe.  I am also substituting half of the butter with rendered bacon fat.  I hope it turns out well and doesn't disappoint.

For now, I have finals to worry about.  I just came back from a study session for Tuesday's final.  I hope I get a good grade in the final.  Although it's technically not my hardest class, it's the only class this semester that I didn't take seriously and now I'm in danger of finishing with a B.  I know that's still a god grade but it's not good enough for me. It's a blemish in this semester's record.  =)  I've always hated Physics but that's no excuse to slack.  Back to the books I go... til next time!

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