Sunday, August 14, 2011


I have read 20 books since May 2011....possibly 21. Let me see if I can list all of them on here: (not in any particular order)

1-14. Stephanie Plum books 1-14
15. Pale Demon
16. A Discovery of Witches
17. The Strain
18. The Fall
19. Postcard Killers (the last one I read, started and finished on 8/14)
20-21. Jack Reacher books 1 & 2

I guess it's 21 although I could be forgetting a few. I'm also not counting the George RR Martin books because I'm not actually sure when I started reading those. The first 3 I read before May for sure but I'm not sure about A Feast for Crows. I have to reread that one anyway before I tackle the most recent release of the series.

Too many books, not enough time. How many books have you read this year?

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