Thursday, August 25, 2011


I am not the best writer.  I don't even think I'm really that good a writer but writing is my outlet and I enjoy it from time to time.  Does it matter that no one reads what I write?  Not really.  I like just being able to spit out stuff without having someone else judge me - whether it's my writing or what I write about.  Granted, I probably deserve some criticism since I dole it out every chance I get but I'm not particularly ready for criticism just yet.  Hypocritical?  Probably.

On an entirely different note, I thought about one of my weird quirks yesterday and was wondering if other people do it too.  What is it?  Hmm, how do I explain it without seeming like a mental case?  Let's see.  I have full-on conversations in my head.  No, I don't talk to myself.  It's more like, if I had a chance to talk to so and so the conversation will go like this.  Well, I guess it's like talking to myself, haha. And I also like to replay conversations I already had and try to improve on it.  A professor once told me that it's a good thing because it makes me a more effective communicator.  I wonder if she was right.  I think I got the talking down pat...maybe I need to work on the listening (my ADD always gets me in trouble in the listening department).

I love to talk - about anything and everything.  Where do I come up with the stuff I talk about?  Who knows?  I think it's because my mind is constantly moving at about 100 mph and my mouth can barely keep up.  It's probably where the writing comes in too.  Whatever I can't talk about comes out on paper (or sometimes, my computer).  

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