Sunday, January 8, 2012


Chinese New Year is coming up soon.  2012 is the year of the Water Dragon.  Every year when Christmas is over, my mom drags me to Chinatown to buy Feng Shui books for the coming year.  We then take said books home and make a list of all the feng shui amulets and enhancers that we'll need to make the coming year better.

For those of us born on the Year of the Sheep (also Ram or Goat - different calendars call it by different names), this year will give us financial stability but we need to watch our health particularly our stomach or intestines -- almost verbatim from my book. 

Also, this year we need to watch our tempers.  The aggressive sword is upon us so we will be more impatient and intolerant of others.  Knowing this bit of information should help us if we keep reminding ourselves to keep our tempers in check.

For those who are married, this year might also be a year of infidelities.  So be mindful of your relationships.

1. Wu Lou - to stave off illnesses/health problems
2. Image of Dog and Rabbit - for harmony in relationships

This is just a brief summary of the more important aspects of 2012 for us born in the Sheep year.  For more information, click here or better yet buy the 2012 book

Have a great 2012 everyone!!  Remember, above everything else, always remain positive and live your life with love and laughter in your hearts.  Also, never forget your prayers. 

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