Monday, January 9, 2012


The other night I had a weird dream - weird in a creepy sort of way.  I wasn't even in the dream.  It was like I was watching a movie or a tv show (prob an episode of Criminal Minds or something).  It went like this...

A young couple were in an apartment talking to an older couple.  (This is really not the way the conversation went.  I think they were miming or something because I don't remember anyone speaking.  Maybe they were conversing telepathically.)

Older People: You shouldn't be here.
Young Couple: Why not?
OP: It's not safe.
YC: You're weird.
OP: Well, just don't look in the closet.

Of course, if someone says something like that, it invites the other party to actually do it.  I can't explain it.  It's just human nature.  Anyway, YC opens the closet and see the dead bodies of the OP in the closet.  They both look posed - naked sitting on chairs, with eyes gouged out and knife gashes on their forehead (told you it was like an episode of Criminal Minds).  So of course, YC are surprised and bewildered and scared (and whatever emotion people feel when they see dead bodies).

OP: Told you not to look in there.  (Look at each other.)  And try not to look in the suitcases as well.

Again, like robots, as soon as the OP say that the YC immediately notice the suitcases and look at each other.  Without hesitation, they both go to the suitcases.  And surprise, surprise...each suitcase had a dead body - the dead bodies of the younger couple!  Their bodies were like weirdly folded to fit in the suitcases (And you didn't believe me when I mentioned that this is like an episode of Criminal Minds??  Ok, how about American Horror Story?).  So, the younger people freak out and had more questions.

YC: How did this happen?  Are we dead? (DUH!)
OP: (long story short) The guy that lives in this apartment did this to us.
YC: Why?  Who is he?

And of course, as soon as they ask that, the guy that lives in the apartment who also happens to have killled everyone in my dream, walks in with a new victim (looks like an older Hispanic guy wearing all white - like a painter or something).

YC: Is that the guy that killed us?

Older people turn to look at the young couple.  The killer guy (who is the actor that plays Gus on Breaking Bad) turns to the "ghosts".

Killer: Yup.  And he's next.

OMG right?  How would you feel if you had that dream???  Cray cray.

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