Thursday, February 13, 2014

Another Snowy Day in NYC

I'm so sick of the damn snow.  Snow today and more snow this weekend.  People who never have to live with snow do not understand how crappy snow really is.  If you have to park on the street, you have to dig your car out.  If you have to walk anywhere, your pants get all wet because when snow melts, everything around it gets wet.  When there is rain mixed with snow, it's called slush and it makes everything slippery and icky.  The day after a snowstorm, the snow that is left out (meaning what hasn't been shoveled or plowed), becomes a mountain of ice.  If you haven't dug out your car by now, good luck trying to get it out.

This is the view outside my window:

Looks pretty huh?  These are of the street:

Not so pretty, right?  Having to walk through all that slush is not fun.  Ugh, trust me.  I get to do it every winter and it's not cute.  It only makes me wish I were back in Puerto Rico.  Or anywhere warm for that matter.

This has been such a crappy winter.  Stay warm my lovelies, xoxo.

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