Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cooper Johnson

Who would have ever guessed that I'm related to this little guy? Isn't he just the most precious thing? I met him for the first time when I visited bucolic San Luis Obispo this past weekend. His dad (my cousin) just came back after a 6-month stint in Afghanistan.

Here's my mom playing with him. My dog, Deuce, is in the background. He had the time of his life running around the open fields. I think he must've thought he died and went to doggie heaven. Lol.

Here I am enjoying one on one time with Cooper. What a cutie (me and him both, hahaha).

Thanks again to the Johnson family for accommodating us. We had a great time!


Shirley A.J. said...

Isn't he just the cutest & smartest? LOL Of course I am being very objective. :)

MadsaboutU said...

He is so big. wait, isn't he only a year or so? cute redhead.