Monday, September 1, 2008

The Mysterious Benedict Society

I've always liked a good mystery and I've always enjoyed puzzles. When I picked up New Moon last week, the cover of The Mysterious Benedict Society caught my eye. It was recommended by the staff at the West LA Barnes & Noble and what's more it incorporates puzzles into its story line. Although the book is originally intended for children, I ended up purchasing it.

The premise of the book is quite simple (after all, it is intended for children), four children are recruited on a mission to stop a man from destroying the world by means of the television. These four children each have their own special abilities and each have something to contribute to the team. Although each of them have their own shortcomings, the success of the mission lies in their ability to come together as a team. Like I said, pretty straightforward premise.

The way the story is woven, however, is a different story. The reader is taken through puzzles, riddles and other twists and turns. Puzzles and riddles tests these kids abilities as well as the readers. The storytelling is also quite compelling. The emotions of the kids are quite raw, drawing the reader's sympathy. Overall, a great read...quite a departure from the recent books I've just read.

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