Thursday, August 6, 2009

ABDC Top 10 Performances

10. SuperCr3w - Get Up Off of That Thing

9. Fanny Pak - Get Your Freak On (great performance!!!)

8. Breaks8 - Cupid Shuffle (Not a big fan. I felt they got by because of their "looks", charm and a gimmick. As far as dancing is concerned, they were more performers than actual dancers.)

7. Dynamic Edition - My Humps (Not a big fan either. I mean the clogging part is impressive but that's about it.)

6. Beat Freaks - Freeze (I liked this one a lot but I think they got lucky because they had the best prop to work with...but these girls CAN freakin' dance!)

5. Kabba Modern - Technologic (Talk about CLEAN!)

4. Strikers All Stars - Gimme More

3. Season 1 Top 4 - Hard Knock Life

2. Quest Crew - Piano Performance (I liked this performance but they actually had another routine that I preferred - don't remember which at the moment.)

1. Jabbawokeez - PYT (Not my favorite Jabba performance but all their routines were pretty awesome.)

Do I completely agree with this list? Not really. Can't wait for Season 4 though....starting this Sunday at 9pm. Tune in people!

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