Monday, September 12, 2011


Scorpio horoscope: Week of Sept. 12th

Is it love that you’re feeling or a strange kind of addiction? Maybe it’s a little bit of both. This Monday’s full moon in Pisces illuminates a few of your obsessive tendencies. Scorpio, when you’re with someone, your fervor is unmatched. Unfortunately, this can also cause you to ignore some of the red flag, oh-so-imperative issues that demand your attention and need to be discussed. This week, make a concerted effort to view your love interest through the lens of a reality TV camera rather than a Pixar filter. The unvarnished truth might not be so bad; in fact, allowing people to have human “flaws” creates a much healthier dynamic in your relationships. That said, you might have to do more investigative work after Wednesday, when loveplanet Venus enters your twelfth house of hidden information for three weeks. Alas, nothing seems to be above board in your personal life right now. While you don’t want to treat your loved ones like subjects of a crime scene investigation, if that little question mark pops up in your head, press for more information until all the facts line up. It could be that people feel too intimidated to tell you the truth. Tone down that brusque edge to foster honest communication. If you’ve been holding in those lovin’ feelings, this full moon wants you to make your Big Reveal. It’s better to find out if your feelings are reciprocated so you can move ahead to the next level…or just move on. At work, you will have many opportunities to take on leadership and flaunt your creativity this week. Make sure you have a mentor to guide you, since rising to these new heights can cause a few insecurities to bubble up. It’s always useful to run ideas by an objective and wise senior before touting them out at the weekly company meeting.

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