Monday, September 26, 2011


Weekly Scorpio Horoscope: Week of September 26th

Tuesday’s new moon in Libra awakens the deepest corners of your imagination, for better and for worse. On the plus side, you have a highly creative week ahead of you, one where serendipities abound, and those “meant to be” connections seem to crop up at every turn. Pay attention to repeating elements: if something (or someone) keeps showing up as a recurring theme, it’s not to be dismissed as coincidence. There’s a reason this keeps popping up. Perhaps there’s a lesson to be learned or something undeniable you’ve been trying to ignore? There’s a soulmate-y quality to this new moon, sparking a six-month cycle of growth. The people you meet this week may be folks you feel you’ve known in other lifetimes. While that familiar, knowing quality of these interactions is heartwarming, it’s not necessarily reason to pursue a relationship—especially if these people are otherwise engaged. If not, who knows? The next six months could lead you to quite a magical comingling. The tough side of this new moon is that it has the power to stir up some demons you’ve been trying to avoid. Since it’s affecting your twelfth house of completions, let this be the beginning of a healing journey. It’s time to deal already, Scorpio, and do the necessary mourning that comes along with grieving a loss…no matter how big or small. Don’t take that emotional journey alone, though. Support is all around you. Swallow your pride and receive it.

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