Sunday, June 14, 2015

Boxing at Prevail Los Angeles

When I was still in NYC, I started taking boxing classes and really enjoyed it as a workout.  I took classes at Title Boxing Club and The Kickbox Haus.  Around March 2015, I knew I was going to be moving back to LA so I started "researching" boxing gyms.  This mainly involved stalking ClassPass' instagram account and searching for boxing hashtags.  That's how I found Prevail.  I started stalking their instagram account, checked out their website and their Yelp reviews (for whatever these are worth).

Fast forward to end of May, I finally am back in LA and I finally got to take a class at Prevail.  The only setback was I didn't have my wraps or my gloves (my stuff was still in transit from NYC) but lucky me, wraps and gloves are free for your first class.  I ended up buying new wraps and borrowing their gloves.  I then followed the "regulars" into the back room where either 1.) the magic happens or 2.) I die and go to hell.  It must've been my lucky day because while the magic didn't quite happen, I didn't die.

The class itself was a good workout.  My class was divided into 6 "stations" with groups of 3 rotating through.  We started with a short warmup before going through the circuit which I actually enjoyed.  My prior classes were all bag work and conditioning exercises so it was a new experience for me to actually do mitt work and "noodles" - basically one-on-one with preset moves.  Overall, a great workout with fun and varied exercises that worked the entire body.

Why did I not experience the magic??  Let me explain.  As a first-timer at this studio, I was a little apprehensive.  I guess that's just me with my first time doing anything.  Anyway, as a first timer, I thought that they would at least explain how they run the classes or where to put my stuff or where the bathroom is (if there is one).  Basically, give me a brief rundown of the place.  I've never been here before, fuckin' introduce me to the damn place.  Furthermore, the class is about to begin and I hear the instructor ask one of the newbies to please leave the water bottle outside of the room.  This is what I'm talking about.  If the people at the front actually gave us a quick intro to the place, we wouldn't have to look like fools.  Maybe they were having an off-day, maybe they're just standoffish, who knows.

Because of this last bit, I haven't actually been back to the studio.  I did purchase a one-month unlimited package just because I really do enjoy boxing as a workout.  But I am giving this place another chance and not just because I bought the package but also because everyone deserves a second chance.  I've also asked my little brother to come along so I hope he likes it at least.

Do you box?  xoxo

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