Monday, June 8, 2015

Sweat at One Down Dog

The first class I signed up for when I got back to LA was a yoga class at One Down Dog in Silverlake. I took a class at this studio when I was visiting in December and I remember falling in love with the place.  Not only were the people super friendly, their merchandise inventory is also amazing.

This time around, I signed up for "Sweat".  I'm not a yoga newbie so I wanted a class that was going to challenge me a little bit and I figured a class called "Sweat" would do it.  On their website, the class is described as yoga with a cardio boost.  Misjudging LA traffic, I arrived at the studio about 35 minutes early so I had time to browse their merchandise.  I ended up purchasing a new yoga mat (mine is still in transit) and really had to stop myself from buying anything more.

The class itself was great.  The room was a warm 82 degrees, nice not uncomfortable.  The instructor was great.  She adjust form when she needed, demonstrated a pose when needed and more importantly she had a positive vibe and a killer 90s playlist.  The class is a little faster paced than the average yoga class but I kept up ok.  Did I sweat?  You betcha (not dripping sweat coz even hot yoga can't get me to drip sweat).  Would I go again?  Most definitely.  I haven't tried a lot of yoga spots in town but this is hands down one of my faves.

Namaste One Down Dog.  'Til the next class.

Where do you get your yoga on?  xoxo

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