Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Mommy Syndrome

Two of my best friends are new mommies. One became a mom last year and the other became a mom last January. I'm happy for both of them. They have the cutest babies. However, sometimes it annoys me that they forget that I'm not a mom. I think they forget that I'm single too.

Yesterday, we had lunch and talk came around to Maddy's 1st birthday. First birthdays are always a big deal to new parents and I can understand their enthusiasm. Heck, I'm excited too. I asked my friend what she was planning to do and she said she wanted to start off with a "Mommy and Me" Gymboree Class. I was a little put off by that and I actually asked if I was invited. I'm usually not the most sensitive person around but that was just not cool. It's cool though. Maybe I'll have plans then so I won't have to endure an afternoon with mommies and their babies.

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