Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Opening a Business in California

I learned something new today. I learned that the State of California is one of the toughest places to start a business in. Too many hurdles!!! I don't know if they are trying to discourage business from opening or if they are just trying to maintain their standards because the paperwork is insane!!! After you form your company, you have to obtain your EIN in order to apply for a Business Tax Certificate, a Seller's permit (if you are intending to sell goods), an Alcohol and Tobacco resale license (if you are intending to sell cigarettes or liquor), and Use Tax (in order to collect and pay sales tax). The stress is enough to scare me from starting a business but I must persist. I must go forward with my plans.

On a completely unrelated topic, I actually made a decision today! Hooray me! I decided on a name, font and everything. Aren't you proud?

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