Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

This year is not a great one for me, according to my Chinese horoscope. I guess my horoscope should serve as a warning with regards to my spending habits (although I haven't really shopped since the Saks sale). I guess my last big splurge for the year should really be my new bed and mattress. Anyway, to those who are Goats like me, here's our horoscope for 2009:

With their fluctuating luck this year, Goats should be flexible to cope with sudden change. Basically, this will be a rough year for Goats. They will be surrounded by rumours and envy, so they have to be patient and keep a low profile. They should take this challenge as part of their life, i.e. be patient while in darkness waiting for the sun to come out. It is important that they should not put a finger in every pie; they need to concentrate and work with their whole mind and whole heart and strive continuously to make new progress at work. Goats may lose money because of spending, but it is important that they should not act as a guarantor for friends or relatives. In love affairs, Single Goats should be patient with their lovers. If not, they will end in separation. Married Goats should reach mutual understanding with their partner. Goats have to keep away from sharp objects and be cautious on the road. They have to control their diet as well and regulate their blood pressure and prevent stroke. Apart from this, they should not go to funerals and wakes.


MadsaboutU said...

I think I am a goat too...that part "stay away from sharp objects and be cautious of the road is scary"

cheeky_deb said...

i'm more scared about the spending part, HAHA