Friday, January 30, 2009

Random Thoughts...01/30/09

I was tagged on FB the other day and I realized that I have hundreds of random thoughts that go through my head every single day that it would be fun to write them out so I could later look back at it and laugh at how silly/mundane/annoying my thoughts can be. Sorry if you have to be part of it.

Random Thought 1: I wish I had more friends.

No, I'm not sad and I'm not trying to be melodramatic either. That said, a few minutes ago a thought crossed my mind - I wish I had more friends. Do I really want more friends? Not really. It's hard for me to trust people hence why I only have a few friends. The few friends I have are dearly cherished - every single one of them, through thick and thin. Why did this thought cross my mind then? I honestly don't know. I was looking through some pics on FB and I saw pics of big groups of people hanging out and looking like they were having tons of fun. I'm actually not sure if they are all friends or if the camera just caught a moment of fun between acquaintances but it sure looks like they're having a blast. Maybe the thought crossed my mind because we always want what we don't have (and more than likely I won't want it once I have it, haha). Now that I think about it, I probably wouldn't be able to stand a group of people. I get annoyed too easily.

Random Thought 2: I'm so freakin' indecisive.

Well, this one's not such a random's a fact. Before I buy something, I ask everyone I know which one I should pick. I just had another thought - what if it's not because I'm indecisive but because I'm seeking approval? Yikes! I think I'd rather be indecisive. Haha.


MadsaboutU said...

There is this quote:“There are three types of friends: those like food, without which you can't live; those like medicine, which you need occasionally; and those like an illness, which you never want.”

I hope that will make you less sad with the # of friends you have. There is nothing wrong with having only a few, what's bad is keeping the ones that would make you wish you had a lot more you can trust.

cheeky_deb said...

yes, i was sad for like a fleeting second...not so much anymore coz i know i'll just be annoyed. lol...