Monday, October 3, 2011


Weekly Scorpio horoscope: Week of October 3rd

A hectic week ahead. This week money rules your mind primarily and for that you will work hard to meet your goals. At work, things are improving and you are not far away from success. Remember, whether you are forgetting anything important while your mind is totally set on your goals? Balance the flow of time against work uniformly to avoid the rush in the ninth hour. Help of subordinates and seniors will provide extra support to you.

It is the time of growth financially and so does your finances. It will be difficult for you to hold on money when expenditures are high. Give priority to necessities first. Take care of theft or loss in travel. Managing money will be little bit difficult so avoid investing money in new investments etc.

Desires in relationship rules this period. You have your own opinions for relationship and want to stick to it but sometimes adjustments are necessary to go with the flow. Remember flexibility is very much important where emotions and relations are necessary. Singles ones are suggested not to begin with the new relation in haste. It may prove to be emotional loss or attraction that may bring to loss to anything. Assess or wait till you are sure about the things clearly.

3rd This is not a time of emotional bravery. Rather, you tend to keep the status quo either it is related to finances or relations.

4th Your mind tends to be restless, easily bored, and in need of stimulation.

5th Take care against sudden loss or theft. Obstacles at meetings. Love relations expand.

6th Examining bad dreams can help you understand what is bothering you. Restlessness.

7th Use your dynamic energy to identify and solve problems instead of blaming others.

8th Close relations demand your attention. Financial managements make you busy. Mind is creative and favors progress at work.

9th Feelings of others will be clear. Avoid disagreements with others. It is time to focus on financial area seriously.


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