Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Weekly Scorpio Horoscope: Week of October 10th

Love goddess Venus slips into Scorpio from Monday through November 2, making you the hottest thing in the universe. You’re bringing sexy back in your own trademark way: flirty, mysterious, whip-smart, and never easy to pin down. Don’t be surprised if you have your hands full of admirers before the week is through. Whether single or spoken for, some harmless flirting is good for your ego. It feels great to remember that you’ve still got it (ya never lost it, actually), so soak up the attention while it lasts. Have you been giving someone all the power in a relationship? Enough of that already! This Venus phase reminds you of your own worth. Unless you appreciate what you bring to the table, you can’t expect others to do the same. Of course, you may have been casting your pearls before swine for the past few weeks, and that never creates good feelings. Some people simply aren’t attuned enough to value your offerings. Stop wasting time trying to convince them to see things your way. You’re better off cutting ties (at least temporarily) and directing your efforts towards people who not only appreciate you, but also have something to give in return. On Friday, communication planet Mercury kicks off a three-week tour through Scorpio, blessing you with stellar writing and speaking skills. Getting your ideas out there becomes a big theme, whether you’re posting photos or essays on a blog, Tweeting with regularity, or voicing your opinions in a public place. Tuesday’s full moon in your zone of well-being brings self-care into focus. Have you been treating your body like a temple? If so, you may have something tangible to show for it. Try to switch up your fitness and eating routine slightly or add a new twist to keep it interesting. If you’ve been ignoring all the wisdom you’ve collected about exercise and good nutrition, recommit to a plan of action. You might consider downloading an app to help you track your food and fitness. Awareness is key—it can prevent you from falling into an unnecessary deprivation mindset with your diet.


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