Sunday, October 2, 2011


Quite a productive Sunday:

1. Went to church
2. Cleaned by room and the hallway and the area by my desk (those who know me will appreciate this)
3. Assembled a shoe rack I bought earlier this year
4. Walked Dooze and he behaved (yay!)

Things I still need to get done:

1. Find a job (getting closer...I can feel it)
2. Plan my birthday party - I've picked a dinner place but haven't decided on the dance venue)
3. Nails - I need a birthday mani/pedi but this can be done in 2 weeks so no rush
4. Put together a birthday package
5. Fold my sweater dresses
6. Hang all the stuff I bought from All Saints
7. Buy hangers (skirt, pant, trinkets) from Container Store
8. Buy wine glasses, drinking glasses, glass bottle(s) and funnel from Crate and Barrel - funnel can be from somewhere else actually

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