Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I don't understand why there has to be rules for dating.  I mean, it's dating.  How hard does it have to be that someone has to make up rules for it?  All those "self-help" books don't really help you know.  It's all BS.  The authors are just trying to "trick" you into thinking that they work.  And just how do they do that?  Beats me.  Try asking the suckers who buy those books.

Look, if those books work for you, great.  All I'm saying is that people should really lighten up about all these dating rules.  If I want to call a guy, I'll call him.  I'm not gonna wait however many number of days before I call or text.  I'll call him when I feel like it.  If he calls and I feel like talking, I'll pick up.  If I don't want to talk, I'm not picking up.  Less of a headache.  No games, no guessing.  Simple, right?  That's how it should be.


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