Thursday, October 13, 2011


I was watching late-night TV with Eddie the other night and "Millionaire Matchmaker" was on.  Patti (the matchmaker) asks the millionairess what she was looking for in a guy.  Apparently, Patti tries to make sure the person you are looking for is aligned with what you are looking for in a relationship (if that even makes sense).  Anyway, it got me thinking if what I look for in a guy.  Physically, I almost have one type of guy: tall, dark hair, some facial hair.  Personality-wise, sense of humor is key.  If a guy isn't funny, then it's a deal-breaker (a whole different post).  Other than humor, smart and witty is also a must.  A guy needs to be able to keep up with me because I do talk a lot and I talk a lot about a whole lot of different things.  Fashion sense also helps.  Once in a while I like to get all dolled up and I need a guy who can look as good without me having to pick out his outfit.  Other stuff that's important: does not lie (because I'm pretty good at figuring shiz out), texts/calls back right away (it only takes 2 seconds to text "busy, talk to you later" or something like that when you can't), patient, and has a great relationship with his family. 

In summary: tall, dark hair, funny, smart, witty, fashionable, honest, patient reliable, and has a great relationship with his family.  Is that asking too much?

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